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NIBE Heat Pumps

NIBE Energy Systems is the market leader for domestic heating products in the Nordic countries, Poland and the Czech Republic. Customers are the RMI sector (Renovation, Maintenance, Improvement) and the new housing market. Heat Pumps are an extremely effective method of generating heat for your home. Using some motive power to run a refrigeration compressor, we can collect additional free heat from outside sources such as the air, soil, rock or even the sea or lakes. There are different types of heat pumps as you can see and read more about below.

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Air to water heat pump

Believe it or not, you can actually use the outside air, to heat your home. Even at sub-zero temperatures, ambient air contains heat. And when you concentrate that heat using a NIBE air/water heat pump, you can get enough out of it to heat up both your radiators or underfloor heating and domestic hot water.


  • Easy integration to existing oil, gas or solid fuel heating systems for retrofit
  • Packaged appliance-styled indoor hot water units with inbuilt controls
  • No external collector or boreholes required
  • Docks with radiator or floor heating
  • Solar combination possible
  • Modular cascades of up to nine units for larger buildings
  • Outdoor temperature linked heat production – comfortable constant & even heat

Ground Source/Geothermal

With the aid of a ground source heat pump, solar energy stored in the ground can be collected and used to heat your home. Often referred to as geothermal heating, the heat collected is mostly from the sun in fact and not the earth’s core.


  • Lowest possible running costs in any weather, (around one third of the cost of oil)
  • Outdoor temperature linked heat production – comfortable constant & even heating
  • On board separate control of radiators and floor heating
  • Models Available with built in water heating saves installation time & stylish looks allow integration in utility rooms or even kitchens
  • Europe’s quietest heat pumps – locating indoors saves energy and installation costs too
  • Units from 5kW to 60kW – modular installation for large buildings up to 540 kW
  • SMS, APP and Internet connection possible with Nibe Uplink
  • FLM Heat Recovery ventilation integration option available...waste heat goes back into the collector or borehole
  • Solar integration for both hot water and heating support available

Exhaust Air heat pump

Why choose an exhaust air heat pump? Primarily because the type of building (usually new build) must be ventilated. A new home or Passive House will often be at a high level of air-tightness and low heat loss, needs ventilation.


  • An all-in-one unit - heat-recovery, Heating & Hot water.
  • New home or Passive House that will be at a high level of air-tightness and low heat loss, needs ventilation
  • Less cost than buying separate traditional solutions and a stand-alone heat recovery unit.
  • Good solution for multiple small dwellings such as apartments, more cost effective than district heating, more environmentally friendly than multiple gas boilers etc
  • We have a choice of different models to suit different requirements
  • Connects easily to Solar Thermal
  • Works great with a room sealed stove
  • Possible to dock with a Nibe Air to Water heat pump or Pellux pellet boiler too


Heat Pump Brochures

You can view and download any of the NIBE Heat Pump Brochures by clicking the links below.

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